Taylor Made Knives

Taylor Made Knives is a husband and wife team, a collaboration of talents to create beautiful works of art. John Taylor forges the blades and Carmen Taylor does the scrimshaw and metal engraving. 



John's grandfather was a whittler. Every time John got a new pocket knife he would take it to his grandfather for his approval. Upon examination John's grandfather would tell him to put a penny in it and throw it in the weeds so when it was found it would be worth something. After a life long search for the perfect knife design, John decided to create his own. With emphasis on edge holding quality and blade design he began to work with the finest steel. 


John uses S35VN blade steel, cryo-treatment and different heat treating methods to gain the best edge holding qualities and durability on his blades.






















Carmen has a degree in Graphic Design and the natural aptitude to work in many mediums. Born in Mexico, Carmen discovered her talents at a young age. Her family was very poor and couldn't afford crayon or paper, so she would draw for hours on the sand, creating beautiful drawings on the ground. When her parents brought her to the US on a visa she could finally draw on paper when she attended school. She won many art contests through out her young life, culminating in her graduating college. Carmen worked in Graphic Design for many years, earning the respect of her peers.


With encouragement from her husband Carmen began to learn the art of scrimshaw and metal engraving. Feeling at home with the line shading that these mediums required, Carmen began to craft some of her best work. The combination of talents pushed the quality of their knifes over the top.


















When word got out, people started seeking them out for portrait memorials, momentous of passing family members, and special occasions; things that can be scrimshawed on the knife handles, etched into the blades, for keepsakes. This has taken them to the present where they prefer to do custom work instead of production. They take the customer's design and making it a one of a kind heirloom for them to pass on to next generation.


They work together in the heart of California in the High Sierras, adjacent to Yosemite National Park.


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Taylor Made Knives


Knife Shows to kick off 2017!

We will be bringing our outstanding work to both the Knife Expo in Pasadena California and the Oregon Knife Show in Eugene Oregon!  Tickets for the Pasadena Knife Expo can be purchased at the box office on March 25th and 26th! The floor will open both days at 10:00 am.

The Oregon Knife Show will be held on April 8th thru the 9th.  Tickets can be purchased on site. More information can be found at the show's website here.

Please swing by our table, we'd love to see ya!